Age-related macular degeneration
The latest discovery to stop the progression
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No blindness forever
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a medical condition which usually affects older adults and results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field (the macula) Macular degeneration can make it difficult or impossible to read or recognize faces

The cause is insufficient blood flow to the macular area from arteriosclerotic change of retinal artery

It occurs in "dry" and "wet" forms

Dry AMD or Central geographic atrophy

Start with central blurred vision then turn grey and dark zone at last.
About 90% of patients suffering from macular degeneration have the dry type.
No medical or surgical treatment is available for this condition ( except for Thai medical eye massage )

Wet AMD (Neovascular or exudative AMD )

                causes vision loss due to abnormal blood vessel growth which fragile, rupture and bleeding. Treatment is available only turn the wet AMD to Dry AMD by intraocular anti-VEGF injection (Avastin or Lucentis)

Only about 10% of patients suffering from macular degeneration have the wet type

                If you are the one who was diagnosed with this disease, feeling hopeless that nobody can help you and scared of blindness. Try a month for cure in Thailand with Thai medical eye massage, discovered by Doctor Somkiat Athikhomkulchai ,an ophthalmologist.

                Thai medical eye massage is a combined medicine between modern and traditional knowledge and between east and west culture. There are many research works in the leading research centers in North America and Europe, claim that “ ocular blood flow “ may be the real cause of Open angle Glaucoma and they are searching for any drugs or method of treatment to increase intraocular blood flow, however it still needs a very long time to reach the target.

                On the basis of Ayuraveda and the Thai massage that can improve blood flow to several parts of our body, I have designed a Thai medical eye massage that can increase intraocular blood flow effectively (see the video)

and found that this method can improve vision( visual acuity and visual field ) dramatically and freeze the progression abruptly after starting the treatment , I have found further on that not only Open angle Glaucoma that doing very well with this Thai medical eye massage but Dry AMD has the same result and proved clinically that the real cause of both disease is “ Insufficient intra-ocular blood flow “ that is Thai medical eye massage is the method for a cure.

2 modalities of treatment to treat AMD for a cure
                1. Thai medical eye massage
                Purpose: to increase intraocular blood flow and dilate the retinal artery
                2. Medicine
                Purpose : to enhance retinal microcirculation and improve retinal cells function

                Almost all of the patients realize their visual improvement within a month of treatment and no further progression of the disease. If eye massage can start as early as possible the more chance of the patients to have normal vision through out their life are possible. The method has already been approved by the Bureau of Alternative Medicine, the Ministry of public health of Thailand

Contact number for an appointment
Ekachai hospital Tel: 66(0)34417999 ext. 277 or 278( department of Ophthalmology )
Email : [email protected]
Working hour: Monday-Friday 9.00 Am – 5.00PM
Remarks : 1. contact your embassy in Thailand to reassure the information before a trip to Thailand and visit me at my office.
                  2. If you have wet AMD, you should get anti-VEGF intraocular injection to turn the diesease to be dry type before coming to Thailand for Thai medical eye massage
Created Date: 31 March 2013